1st November 2020 Halloween Party at The Dojo

Come and join us for a Halloween party at The Dojo, 6 Seaward Lane, Glasgow, G41 1HL at 7pm. Fancy dress is optional but it will be cool if you get your spooky groove on! There will be music, prizes, food, games and messy fun.

  • carve a pumpkin and bring it with you
  • dook for apples
  • ‘mummy wrapping’
  • …and much much more

There will be some snacks available but please feel free to bring some with you.

This is free for all members

Is it time to cut through the fog

Shut up and train!

These days there appears to be a popular trend by some instructors to ‘over engineer’ their classes.

I mean, do I really need to labour over the correct angle of my big toe whilst making zenkutsu dachi or wether I should engage the extensor capri ulnaris during the rotation on my tsuki?

Is all this extra information necessary? Does it make us better karateka? What happened to just ‘training’?

I’m sure most of us have been on seminars where we spend the first 45 minutes learning things like ‘how to stand properly’ or ‘adjust our breathing’. Don’t misunderstand me, I get it! I really do but only to a point. For example; I remember once attending a seminar (at £35 for 2 hours) and sat for 30 mins watching the visiting Sensei demonstrate how to perform a correct push up. I admit that it was an impressive spectacle, however did this improve my karate?

Answers on a postcard…..

So, is all this extra knowledge relevant? Are we being hoodwinked into thinking that we need this type of training? Maybe we do. But for me…..I just don’t feel it. A quick peruse of Facebook will swiftly provide you with a plethora of examples of the ‘esoteric’ Sensei.

It’s easy to admire and indeed be smitten by an instructor who appears to have such surgical knowledge and attention to detail. But again I ask, is it really necessary? Maybe solid training with like minded peers and an enthusiastic, knowledgeable Sensei making small but regular corrections is the key.

However, each to their own. Perhaps this is the way forward. The ….. But personally I’m not yet done with rote and meaningful learning.

As always, I will maintain an open mind…